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Dahong Palay Discography

Kapatiran ng Bakal at Apoy

    * Angel of Mercy                                     
    * At Muling Sumikat ang Araw              
    * Hangman's Tree                                                           
    * Imortal                                                  
    * Kandilang Itim                                                                      
    * Kapatiran ng Bakal at Apoy               
    * Liham ni Eurd
    * Panginoon ng Hangin                                       
    * Sa Bibig ng Impiyerno
    * Sinapupunan   
    * Talim              
    * The God's Eternal Sleep    
    * War and Peace


    * Manlalakbay (Filipino Alternative Rock)
    * Parang Panaginip (Tunog Tone Def)             
    * Pinay (Mga Himig Natin: Pinoy Rock Revisited)     
    * Sa Aking mga Kamay (Biyaheng Ilalim)
    * Kamandag (Batuhan: Still Another Ten of Another Kind)
    * Hatinggabi (L.A. Rock The Album)
    * Pasko Na Naman (Christmas on the Rocks Album)


Thursday, May 19, 2011



Dahong Palay has been in the mainstream and underground metal scene in Manila for over 18 years now. The band was formed and managed by Ramon "The Doctor" Zialcita during the reign of the 90's metal era. Dahong Palay, one of the Philippines' prime movers in the metal scene is about to unleash its venom once more via their up-coming EP album by the end of this year 2011. Heavy, aggressive, dark, melodic and intimidating music is what you could expect from this group. 

Dahong Palay really marked its venom to their audience and listeners during those times. Having more than 500 shows under its belt to date (from the underground venues to small clubs to school gyms to arena concerts like Pulp Summer Slam) the group earned the title of the Philippines’ answer to Black Sabbath and was even later christened as “The Philippines’ Kings of Dark Metal.”. The rest as they all say is history. 

The “Kings of Dark Metal" toiled the underground scene for almost a year until they received their first big break in the compilation album issued by Vicor Music entitled "Mga Himig Natin: Pinoy Rock Revisited. Dahong Palay carved a grunge-metal version of Florante's "Pinay." 

They have also appeared in compilation albums (Mga Himig Natin: Pinoy Rock Revisited, Christmas on the Rocks, Batuhan: Still Another Ten of Another Kind, LA Rock 105.9: the album; Biyaheng Ilalim, and Filipino Alternative Rock.) to name a few. Dahongpalay released compilation albums under Tone Def/Ivory, Vicor, BMG & other major recording labels. 

The group finally issued their opus "Kapatiran ng Bakal at Apoy" on Ivory records' Tone-Def label in 1996 and appeared in 2 more compilations. For the record, Dahong Palay recorded at least seven (7) compilation albums in the 1990s, the most number of appearances ever by a metal group. 

There is no doubt that Dahong Palay will go down in pinoy rock history as one of the finest heavy metal bands of the 1990s. They were part of the "Big 4" in their era which included Wolfgang, Death by Stereo and Backdraft. Dahong Palay first formed in 1993 and were composed of Andew "Eurd" dela Hostria (vocals/ bass), Jed Sison (guitar) and Derrick Periodico (drums). Dahong Palay carried on with this line-up seeing action in four more various artists projects until 1995 when Sison was replaced by Booths Oca, better known as "The Guitar Demon," Oca was an understudy and a replacement of guitar legend Noel Mendez (ex- The Dawn) when the latter was still playing for Hayp and FrancisM. Oca was primarily responsible for bringing the Dahong Palay sound to a higher level. 

Dahong Palay, is definitely one of the pillars of Pinoy Heavy Metal and one of the best rock bands that made a mark in the country’s music history, Dahong Palay ‘s latest appearance was at the Pulp Summer Slam XI and this re-launched the KBAP or Kapatiran ng Bakal at Apoy line-up. “Eurd, Oca, Periodico & post DP-KBAP guitarist Carlo Balita Jr.”

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Ang Simula ng Ikalawang Aklat: Tuloy ang Digmaan...

Dahong Palay, is one of the pillars of Pinoy Heavy Metal that flourished in the 1990s. As one of the best rock bands that made a mark in the country’s music history, Dahong Palay was first formed in 1993. Popularly known as “The Kings of Dark Metal”. 

Dahong Palay’s heavy, aggressive, dark, melodic and intimidating music earned their place in what was known as “The Big 4.” 

“The Big 4,” made up of big names such as Wolfgang, Death By Stereo and Backdraft, revolutionized the country’s rock music history by being leaders that instigated a revolution through their form of art. The band was given their first break in Vicor Music’s “Mga Himig Natin: Pinoy Rock Revisited.” After sweating it out in the underground scene for over a year. They performed Florante’s song entitled “Pinay” with a grunge metal twist in the album and started a new trend for headbanging rockers - Pinoy style - through their unique brand of music. This further led to an overall seven recordings for various artists compilations - the most number of appearances that any metal rock group has ever had in Philippine history. 

They are currently doing club stints, campus shows thru invitation all over Manila, Cagayan De Oro and out of town arena shows as well. Hopefully, the group will also be launching their Visayas - Mindanao tour within the year.

With the management for Luzon bookings under Mr. Ramon Zialcita another legendary name in the Philippines’ rock music industry. For Visayas and Mindanao, Dahong Palay is now under the handling of Mr. Glenn A. Nisperos in Cagayan De Oro City.

The Band is composed of:

* EURD DELA HOSTRIA - Bass and Vocals
* BOOTHS OCA - Lead Guitar
* CARLO BALITA - 2nd Lead Guitar

Now on its 18th year, Dahong Palay, is dead set on delivering true metal once more! 

For Bookings Contact: 09185584777 / 09179347007 / 09222992235

\m/ (**)

DAHONG PALAY at Pulp Summer Slam XI: Resurrection